European BUG IN

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Plans for the doca?

- narrowed & adjustable beam

- dropped spindles

- steeringbox protector

- drums (at first  -  disks on wide 5 are still in development)

- Straight axle with a long Karmann gearbox

- pepped up 1600cc

- AutoMeter gauges (Rev, temp, pressure)

- older look

- Dove bleu

- Rear hoops

- PBW logos on the front doors

- Hurst bumper on a euro spec front bumper

- US spec rear bumper

- Flat4 sprint stars

- ....


And a lot of reconstructive welding to get the body sound and straight again


You can follow the reconstruction





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mooi blog Hallo, Je hebt een mooie site en een leuke hobby ,nog veel plezier ermee , Mijn hobby is wielrennen.

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